Trigano Coffee Table, DO WANT!

The Trigano Coffee Table designed by Michael Laut is an architectural piece of modern living for any space. It is made with a large piece of acrylic bent 90 degrees, suspended in place by a wooden brace. The innovative and dramatic design provides for expansive foot-room as well as a striking visual statement.

The transparent top makes anything placed on the table look “suspended” just like the table top itself. The Trigano has been produced in the transparent finish as well as a frosted alternative to help compliment its surroundings. I hope Michael Laut finds it in his heart to send Yanko Design his beautiful creation. 🙂

Designer: Michael Laut


  • monkey says:

    from the last photo looks a bit too high for a coffee table, but overall looks pretty tight.

    do some renderings with maxwell then you can throw away that plexi crap proto.

    • says says:

      ill have to agree on that. the prototype just doesn’t capture what the design was about (from what the renderings show).

  • Brian says:

    I agree, looks to high and doesn’t really say anything new.

  • powers says:

    Yeah, I’m having trouble judging the scale. Might be nice to see a vase and flower on that wood part.

  • zuy says:

    Acrylic is not a good material for a coffee table.

    • zippyflounder says:

      no kidding, its a scratch fest waiting to happen, but hey he built it just didnt draw it and if it gets traction you can go with good old safety glass.

  • zuy says:

    i’m sorry but explain me why to use 2 materials?
    Why reduce surface of the table il you put 2 trays on it for example it’s impossible ?

  • someone says:

    renderings look far more attractive than the model. That might be the problem of the (acrylic?) glass, the type of wood, and the curve on the glass. Using a bluish glass and a piece of wood with a more nice pattern will be much much better.

    • zippyflounder says:

      its always easy to “fake” a drawing, hence my harping on building a proto/mockup/real deal.

  • Armando says:

    Coffee Table? I thought it is an office table…

  • liao says:

    why didn’t had dimension and finishes?

  • hmmm…very stylish but I think it’s a bit big for a coffee table((

  • JT1892 says:

    is this a prototype? I cant find information on the table for my project…

  • JT1892 says:

    is this a prototype? I cant find information on the table for my project…

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