Coox in the Kitchen

Another entrant in this year’s Electrolux design contest, the Coox cook top table makes urban living a cinch. The flexibility enables you to roll it where needed. Now cooking in your living room right in front of the TV, or by your desk in the office is just a matter of convenience. When the unit is off, it even doubles as a table for serving and eating.

Designer: Antoine Lebrun


  • deanween8 says:

    very nice and simple. although it doesnt “WOW” me as much as I’d like it to….

  • zuy says:

    its not clear: is it a table or a double decker table?

  • mini says:

    how exten it for high ….?????

  • zuy says:

    Antoine Lebrun , please answer for a gold medal for your project

  • antoine says:

    Hi guys
    Here are some additional infos about my concept.

    Coox is a simple appliance which allows each user to cook in accordance with his own lifestyle. This flexible cooking table follows you in your flat, and allows you to cook at your desk when you work, near to your couch if you want to chill, or with your friends around a coffee table… Thanks to this product, the user doesn’t have to break his current activity to cook and eat. You can also stay connected to people when you have guests, instead of cooking alone in the kitchen. The wheels allow you to easily move this product from a room to another one. You also have the possibility to adjust the height of the appliance in order to create an extension of your desk, coffee table or dinner table… A single design with a wide range of possibilities

    Hope you like it !


  • bb says:

    technology is makin people human lazy

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