The baby-blanket that helps fight jaundice


Newborns remain highly susceptible to jaundice, given that their liver cannot completely break down the high levels of bilirubin in their system. Exposing a newborn to UV rays, however, helps build their immunity to jaundice, and in most equatorial countries, newborns are kept in direct sunlight to help them absorb UV rays and build immunity towards jaundice.

In countries that don’t experience the powerful direct rays of the sun, babies are advised to be kept around UV lights for long intervals, helping their body break down the bilirubin in its system. SvetTex Nest is a phototherapy blanket that helps cure and/or keep jaundice at bay. The soft blanket comes woven from cotton and optical fiber yarns to be flexible, permeable and easy to sterilize. The optical fibers help evenly distribute UV light directly to the baby’s body without heating up, or emitting radiations that may be harmful for the child. The UV light source sits at the base of the Nest, with a cushion separating it from the feet of the baby, while a blanket surrounds the entire nest itself, so that the light doesn’t shine in the guardian or parent’s eyes. Designed to allow the baby to be placed in any position, the Nest delivers UV light to the baby from the top and the bottom, helping it fight off diseases like jaundice that cause problems in the developmental stages of the child.

Designer: Ioulia Kamalova for SvetTex