Airport Jitters

Airport navigation can be a trick, especially if you live in a large metropolitan area. With Gauri Sharma’s Ascend design, preparing to fly becomes more enjoyable than the flight! Vibrating stickers with flight information and modular touchscreen kiosks are the keys to this airport revolution…

Designer Gauri Sharma describes the new airport experience like this: Ascend is a human-centric system designed to deliver personalized air-travel information in real-time, tailoring it to each and every individual no matter who they are. By utilizing biodegradable vibrating stickers with modular touchscreen kiosks, [Ascend] addresses 97% of the frequent complications that modern day air-travelers face. Ascend offers these advantages in a very innovative, non-intrusive, cost-effective, and simplistic manner without compromising on airtravel security, thus making it an ideal solution to be utilized within airports around the world.

All-includive kiosks are a relatively new concept, allowing the flier to bypass any part of the airport experience is always a good idea. Or is it? The vibrating sticker is a freaky-fun idea. It’s always important to address the idea of creating more unnecessary trash, but I can’t imagine throwing away such a neat design-oriented keepsake, just as cool as a traditional ticker, (provided the typography turns out nice.)

And of course, I’d love to be able to have all updated flight information at my hand, and knowing that I’m going to be at the right terminal at the right time is always a plus.

Designer: Gauri Sharma


  • DennisSC says:

    Lord knows, anything these days that makes airports/air travel less hellish is certainly a good thing. This looks good.

  • zippyflounder says:

    why not just have all the “ascend” functions as a component of your cellphone…then no sticky, no waste, no tooling?

  • powers says:

    Agreed. Mobile app. More features, lower cost. Good concept though.

  • Tom says:

    Who wants to meet people with similar tastes using a sticker, that bit is ridiculous especially in an airport environment where from experience most people would rather listen to their iPod and not be bothered!

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