Guessing Game #9

Welcome 2012 with this brand new episode of the Guessing Game. For the record, this is game number 9. Rules stay the same…look at this picture and make an educated guess as to what this could be. Each correct guess wins our love, admiration and respect! Leave your answer in the comments below!

All the best!

The right answer is: Proinjector – Microwave Projector Concept

Based on the theory that microwave poses a greater health risk to pregnant women, children and the silver generation; Proinjector has been designed to project a realtime image of how the food is cooking onto a wall. The cooking can be monitored from afar without risking unnecessary exposure. Basically keeping an eye from a distance; smart!

Designers: Jungjoon Hwang & Jaeryong Lee


  • Carls says:

    Is it a microwave?

  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s a nice idea, although I’ve never really believed that the microwave is a health risk.

  • WZhangID says:

    it would be fun to watch a burrito explode or something with this

  • product tank says:

    How many of us can keep a microwave on a kitchen surface with plenty of nearby free wall for projecting an image onto. Most microwaves go against a wall, which would cut down on the size of the projection. If cooking in strong daylight the projected image would be difficult to see, making it difficult for the silver generation this design is trying to help. It would be far better to have an image displayed on the front of the door on a screen, which would mean you could get a better resolution and clearer image – if this really is a problem that needs solving in the first place. The circular shape of the design cuts down on the available space you have for cooking (food in microwaves rotates), so this design would be massive to be able to use the same area as existing designs. Also there is no consideration shown in the images as to how it would be programmed, turned on etc. Any additions, knobs, buttons etc would affect the sleek aesthetic. flaky

  • Jungjoon Hwang says:

    I’m not good at English so it will be a little roaming reply.
    First of all, I appreciate your advice.
    In this communication, I’m so excited and happy.
    The concept of Proinjector is not fully resolve the problem of microwave.
    It’s true. And that way isn’t my intent. but I just want to be known about the risks of microwave to everyone.
    And then… This time, Making and Selling is not on.
    Once again, Your another thinking by my wave! This is enough for me.
    the screen that you said! Of course, I thought that. It’s very good..
    but I think that I will take a long time to reflect this things.
    And more, These type of products were sold nowadays. And, That design has many problems.
    The problem, you mentioned, solved to be bigger but I’d like to say “so do I”
    Once again, I appreciate your communication. I want to keep in touch with you.
    If you gave me your e-mail or send an email to me, I will send my work panel to you.
    After confirming, I wish our smooth conversation.

  • Rawwhale says:

    A quick google search reveals mountains of undeniable proof that microwaves are 100% safe for pregnant women and the elderly.

    I say throw this one in the trash. You clearly didn’t even bother designing buttons or doing any research (into microwaves, kitchens, the elderly, the pregnant or projectors) so it’s not much to lose.

  • Earl says:

    Relax, Can’t you see the title? it just guessing game.

    I think the pannel doesn’t show full enough.

    It is for guessing not critic, and I could see you as your comment.

  • Kirk says:

    How can it be projecting darkness onto the wall? A light projector can project LIGHT. Why is the image i’s projecting BLACK on a WHITE wall?

    When you open a dark closet, does darkness come out, or does light come in? Seriously, people? Epic fail.

  • Hunter says:

    Burrito? I was thinking more along the lines of cat.

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