Mother Nature’s Got Nothin’ on This Light

It is just terrible when the sun is going down and I am still working and I get a headache because I was using the sun for light but it isn’t there anymore! Chris Natt has designed a device that will keep the light level constant! And it looks wild…

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: When I wrote this, I accidentally attributed this light to a different person, but I assure you, this thang is a 100% Chris Natt design.

As its designer, Chris Natt, describes: “[Stimuli 3.0 is] a lighting system whose shape and therefore light output sensitively varies inversely with the surrounding natural light intensity. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of this device is a unique 3 axis gear box which enables this subtle alteration of lighting through an attractive and striking change in form of the device.”

As usual, I love the concept more than the execution, if only because I’m partial to overhead lighting. I wonder if it can be attached to the ceiling? I’ll take several! And I’m all about alternates to the “yellow” light I’ve lived in my whole life.

It’s this or LEDs, what’s you’re choice?

Designer: Chris Natt


  • zippyflounder says:

    led’s contolled by a pmw circut that uses a photo diode in inverse mode….less light it sees the tighter the pulse width is…hence more light

  • enoo says:

    woohoo, looks like a kind on mini death star, I want one! 😀 (seing the number of gears in this, less shiny plastic and more copper and it could even be a steampunk deathstar, hehehe)

  • Jason says:

    Saw this through Gizmodo and now I seriously want one. Are they available?

  • So says:

    Seems overly complicate moodlight?

  • Chris Natt says:

    David Ngo is not the designer. im sad to stay i stumbled across this piece of work this morning that somebody posted. if anyone had and questions please feel free to email me 🙂

  • Chris Natt says:

    Thanks all for the comments

  • Tanko says:

    this is really a creation for life, and i think i would be excited for some people that they have a chance to controll the intense of light

    and i think this will also be said as a power save concept when we just want to give some supplement to the day light but not the full power of bulb

  • Tanko says:

    and i would love to know whether it has some manually adjust for the intense of light since different people will feel hardly the same when they are doing things under the light.

  • tom says:

    saw this at new designers last month..pretty cool to look at, and to be fair pretty complicated, fair play sir! good work!

  • Doshead says:

    Wow, i like it… Where can i buy this lamp?

  • Thanks to that human brain who create such a nice lighting !!

  • Lukeman says:

    I saw this at new designers. Its half Oakley half apple in style.. very cool

  • Carnitron says:

    Where can I buy this?

  • Cass says:

    Yeah, is this thing for sale?

  • Miles says:

    Stunning light and sculptural qualities. Practical? I dunno. But very cool to look at: I’d buy it just for that.

  • nirosmar says:

    pos valla k pngan un video k no s cmo va

  • Chris says:

    If anyone is interested… Natt will be exhibiting the Intelligent Lighting at the Papadakis showroom in Shepherds Market during the London Design Festival which runs September 13-23.

  • Tess says:

    How much are they?

  • KingPing says:

    hey, just saw your construction. i don’t understand much about design or lamps whatsoever.

    but… my god this is awesome! Is there any chance that this is going into production? I mean this is clearly so much better than the rubbish they’re selling now….
    just astonishing man!

    keep on your work, find the right people investing in you and go for it!


  • Alp says:

    It looks like nothing that I can think of, its unique, takes a lot of attention, has beautiful detail and is mysterious.

    I dont mind if this thing doesnt work asa light, i still like it a lot. well done, very creative.

  • LeaK says:

    unique, functional, beautiful… what more can you want!

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