Mother Nature’s Got Nothin’ on This Light

It is just terrible when the sun is going down and I am still working and I get a headache because I was using the sun for light but it isn’t there anymore! Chris Natt has designed a device that will keep the light level constant! And it looks wild…

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: When I wrote this, I accidentally attributed this light to a different person, but I assure you, this thang is a 100% Chris Natt design.

As its designer, Chris Natt, describes: “[Stimuli 3.0 is] a lighting system whose shape and therefore light output sensitively varies inversely with the surrounding natural light intensity. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of this device is a unique 3 axis gear box which enables this subtle alteration of lighting through an attractive and striking change in form of the device.”

As usual, I love the concept more than the execution, if only because I’m partial to overhead lighting. I wonder if it can be attached to the ceiling? I’ll take several! And I’m all about alternates to the “yellow” light I’ve lived in my whole life.

It’s this or LEDs, what’s you’re choice?

Designer: Chris Natt