This is Where It’s @

The “@” is a continuous line that winds around in a circle to create the symbol. Imagine a chair with the same feeling of the continuous looping in 3D form that allows us to sit comfortably while enjoying the design. Award winning Australian designer, Brodie Neill, uses his creative twist in design concepts to create this modern and beautiful masterpiece. The @Chair comes with full back support and a widened seat so as to create the most comforting experience for the user.

Designer: Brodie Neil


  • Brian says:

    Nice form though the finish looks weird – is it a wooden model sprayed with metallic paint? Looks very expensive to make unfortunately.

  • zippyflounder says:

    nice but wow what a monkey to build..

  • Gabriel says:

    Despite the puzzle of manufacturing this at a reasonable cost. One gentle loop makes it elegant and beautiful in a minimalistic way.

    I really like this one.

  • foodcert says:

    so cool in such an IT era

  • Keagan says:

    I’m not sure its intended for mass production 😛

    While I would never want to own or sit on this chair, it is quite thought provoking. Good one for the inspiration folder.

  • Maya The Bee says:

    this is absolutely beautiful in my opinion. dont care if its mass manufacturable or not, im glad that it exists .

  • So says:

    looks a bit to short? like a stool ….

  • Carl says:


  • stu says:

    i’m contiuously baffled by the amount of negative comments people leave on this DESIGN site. most people don’t even have a clue about what they are making comments on, like this looking like a wood model- when it is obivously a rendering. and especially all the comments about things being hard to manufacture. are you sure you are designers?! you sound more like engineers. check your business card. i’m sure there is another site for you guys. not everything is designed to be mass manufactured. some things are just suppose to evoke an emotional response from the user.

    • Eric says:

      I agree with everything you just said! People try to “1-up” all the designers on here. They don’t think about what the idea can/could become. They take it for what it is, then read way too far into it before they respond. For example even if it was spray painted wood so what?! They spent the time to prototype something, how cool!

  • Ecocandle says:

    I find this to be a brilliant design. The shape and flow are very appealing. I would definitely buy this chair!!!

  • mx says:


  • ilk says:

    One of the best designs ever!

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