You Can’t See the Cables for the Tree

“GoGreen” is the new phrase that seems to echo around the world. With many joining the bandwagon, it shows that many of us are trying to make a conscious effort to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. PhotonSynthesis is a device by designer Vivien Muller, which is a solar-cell bonsai lookalike, tree charger. You can charge your cell, your Mp3 player or a number of other electronic gadgets by plugging in to the tree. With its’ 57 photovoltaic panels, the sun can power your tree during the day – no water needed. The solar energy is stored into a battery, allowing you to plug up anytime you need to. Gadget cables and adapters can be hidden away beneath the trees’ “soil”. Definitely a decorative way to go green!

Designer: Vivien Muller [ Via: Gizmodo ]