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Vivien Muller

New Monitor for Newborns

If you’ve ever been given the fantastic opportunity to mind a newborn baby, then you’ll also be aware that it’s a handful trying to make…

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One Intelligent Teddybear

Finally, we can ditch all the remotes for something even easier to use than a smart home tablet! He’s called Bearbot and he’s hoping you’ll…

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Digi-Owl Keeps an Eye on Things

Ulo is the cutest surveillance camera ever. Period. This expressive owl will keep you company at home with its interactive eye expressions. When you’re away,…

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A New Species of Smartwatch Stand

The WatchMe (Watchus cyclopus) is a newfound species, a harmless cyclops monster endemic to designer Vivien Muller’s office, east of France in the westernmost peninsula…

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