espresso Portable Displays bring elegance to productivity

The past two years saw a drastic change in the way many people work or even study. While remote work was already trendy even before the pandemic hit, it almost became a necessity as people adjusted to health protocols and office policies. Fortunately for many of us, we live in a time where technology is able to adjust to our needs rather than the other way around. So to help people stay on top of their work no matter where they are, Award-Winning Portable Monitor maker espresso is presenting its next-gen displays that not only help you be productive anywhere, they look great in any setting, too.

Designers: Will Scuderi, Scott McKeon, Gary Caldarola & Fabian Maritato

Click Here to Buy Now: $499 (Free espressoPen and Case with coupon code “December”).

Portable monitors are nothing new, of course, but few of them seem to mind aesthetics as much as functionality. Most, even those coming from big brands, simply look like a slab of glass and metal, sometimes even plastic, and leave things at that. In contrast to this, designers Will Scuderi, Scott McKeon, Gary Caldarola, Fabian Maritato put their creative minds together to deliver a Premium Portable Monitor that is both striking and, at the same time, talented. Taking a cue from Apple’s iMac, the espresso Display V2 utilizes anodized aluminum and layered glass to create a product that is not only handsome but also long-lasting. Like an iMac, espresso hides most of its electronics inside a rather sizable bottom bezel, allowing the entire enclosure to be 5.5mm thick only and be highly portable. Its minimalist design makes it stand out without being too distracting, quietly blending in the background until you notice its clean beauty in the middle of a chaotic makeshift desk at a coffee shop.

The espresso Displays V2 aren’t just about looks, though. Its Full HD screen supports 16 million colors and 99% of the sRGB color gamut, making photos and videos burst with life. USB-C and Mini HDMI ports make it compatible with a wide variety of devices, giving your PC or Mac a second screen to increase your productivity or turning your smartphone into a portable office.

Its talents don’t end there either. The espresso portable monitors also come with a touch screen, making it the Best Portable Monitor for 2022, especially as a touchscreen for Macs. You can even rotate it in portrait orientation to match your workflow and your needs, and it will automatically adjust its contents for you. espresso even has an equally talented espressoPen that lets your creativity flow with ease on the screen as it would on paper.

With so many portable displays available in the market today, it’s quite a feat for espresso to come out with a portable monitor that stands out in both form and function. With a sleek aluminum body, unbeatable features, and accessories to support any kind of work condition, the espresso Displays V2 empower today’s workers to be productive and creative, whenever and wherever the muse strikes them or their bosses need them.

Click Here to Buy Now: $499 (Free espressoPen and Case with coupon code “December”).