Dikes and Dams Be Damned!

Living in areas earmarked by nature with seasonal floods is no cakewalk. But with The Wall for Flood Control concept, it can be! It requires no manual operation or power source. It uses the buoyant force of water to deploy. As water levels increase, the wall retracts up forming a barrier. Conversely when the water level drops, the wall too lowers into a platform for pedestrians.

Designer: Ho-Hyeok Lee

The safe-lock prevents to move each partition separately, when the wall is used against flooding.

If you need to use each partition, the safe-lock has to be unlocked. When it’s unlocked, the green light comes up which means the safe-lock was unlocked. The red light shows us that it is locked.


  • Tyler Buys says:


  • zippyflounder says:

    works fine in macro scale, in micro the fricton of the edge seals over powers the pressure from the water leading to leaks….and its been done many times before.

  • deanween8 says:

    so where are these people walking…….

  • zippyflounder says:

    wheeeeeeee these wont work on the macro scale either, do the summs you have HOW many tons of pressure per element, and all on a single axle with that force being transferd to a very small area…………wheeeee deflection, cat failure, oh its a wiz bang winner.

  • Brice says:

    I would be too scared to walk on that and being catapulted because of the water level going up suddenly!

  • intopast says:

    good~!! my friend~~!! ^^

  • IGreenSpot says:

    that is a way too amazing, kinda remind me of x-men

  • Cameron says:

    Im assuming thers sum way of sealing the individual dam sections when up as well….

    Otherwise u aint got a hope in hell of it sealing properly.

  • forrest says:

    that’s an amazing idea, and concept. It solves two problems extra space for people and a protective barrier. There are a few problems, water pollution could increase, small childeren might fall in, it would cost a fortune and it would be weird f it started getting stepper as you were on it.

  • Gadgets says:

    The bouyancy factor has been used in the Netherlands and is being used in Venice as well. The “walk across” part is new and would be useful only for limited applications. (I think. I’m no engineer so I don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  • Conall says:

    Haha. This is great to see some advances in flood prevention technology. Check out this hilarious bit from the Onion, http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/bags_filled_with_sand_still.

    I’d love to see a live demo of the tech though.


  • dopist says:

    amazing idea. but, there is no green things. like,,tree or flower. but idea is good.

  • Drew says:

    Neat idea, except its always cheaper just to build a stationary dike at the maximum water level.

  • Illi says:

    Nice, how can I contact the designer?

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