Smells Like Teen Spirit

What better way to realize if a song stinks than sniffing out the proof with this MP3/aroma therapy entertainment pod that not only plays sweet sweet tunes for your ears, it also blows sweet sweet scents for your nose. Just pop off the end cap, load up a selected scent tablet and a wave of odors are delivered right to your nose by your earphones. Yup, your earphones. When done doing blow, just coil up the buds right back into the device. Designed by these five people Yangwoo Kim, Daiho Hyun, Taehyun Kim, Jungchan Moon & Gayeon Lee, they want to call it “Sweet Honey”, and so can you. Let’s see what cold I load up whilst I be jammin’ some Bob Marley melodies? I would not want to see what happens when a song truly “rocks!”

Designer: Yangwoo Kim, Daiho Hyun, Taehyun Kim, Jungchan Moon & Gayeon Lee

(Above: Click to Enlarge)

1)  Select the product of a preferring aroma therapy and open the cap of product.
2) Open the cap of earphone and put the therapy.
3) Close the cap. While the listen to music, according as the wave of sound the therapy aroma comes out from the earphone.
4) After finishing the listening music, coil the earphone’s line on the hive shape case.