A Best Friend Teddy

There are millions of children bed ridden to hospitals unable to participate in schooling and extra curricular activities. Many lack fully developed socialization skills due to isolation from their peers. Dilus, an electronic teddy bear aids in socialization, entertainment, communication, and education.

The genesis came from field research into children permanently placed in hospitals. The detachment can directly affect how well and how much they learn. Dilus uses holographic technology to help these children adapt. They can use it to follow along in class, watch educational TV, and interact with other kids equipped with the bear. Essentially it’s a tool, a portal of sorts and their best friend. It also has the added benefit of being made from an electronic polymer fully customizable to each child.

Designer: Bruno Oro de Abreu


  • TH says:

    Hmm, sounds / looks very interesting.

    I’m not sure I fully get it, though. I can see how it works as a holographic projector, so you can access all kinds of media with it, but how did you envisage it to be used to “interact with other kids”? IM / mail or bluetooth-like connection? How about the patterns and figures on the teddies, are they just to let it have a personal look and feel or does it have meanings or functions as well?

    • the pattens is for the user personalize with them preference
      the others functions like interaction. internet, messagens and others will function through bluetooth and other systems….all of systens and forms is part of one research……so this product is capable to possess all the functionalities as well as other similar products…..
      thanks for comment!
      if you have another question do it!

  • Shiella says:

    I’m sure that will be very expensive education. But I think that very effective for children. Hopefully all children with various financial background can get it.

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