Concept laptop and tablet adapts to your mobile working needs

As we continue to be more mobile in terms of where we work and study, gadgets and devices are adjusting to users’ needs and wants. More often than not, laptops and tablets are the devices of choice as it allows us to work wherever we want, oftentimes at cafes and shared or co-working spaces or sometimes even while commuting. There are already a lot of options out there but we continue to look at concepts that can bring even more improvements to our nomad working lifestyle.

Designer: Lee Seung-Hee

This concept laptop called LT-1 aims to solve the pain point of having a disorganized work environment when you’re working outside or having several gadgets with you even as you have limited space and are continuously mobile. What we need is to have a device that is efficient, practical, can adjust to our needs, and can multi-task just like what we’re probably doing. What they came up with is a minimalist looking laptop that has several functionalities built into it.

What’s unique about this concept is that you have a sub-display in the keyboard area which can show things that don’t need much of your attention but may be important to know. This includes your music playlist, preview of messages, and even a scheduler if you need to take a quick look at those things. Taking up 1/3 of your keyboard is the multi tablet section which basically serves as your trackpad and a multi-touch surface where you can use your pencil or stylus. It also has something called Mode Change LED although it’s not fully explained what it does. The keyboard itself has shortcut keys and there’s a function bar at the top where you have power key, switch to tablet mode, sound control, and something called “behavioral recording”.

They assume that you’ll use the LT-1 a lot so there’s a chance of overheating. There’s a back vent and a side vent to help with that as one of the ideas for this laptop and tablet in one is that it will remain cool. As a concept, this is pretty interesting but the actual execution may be challenging, and maybe even expensive. Let’s see how far the LT-1 Concept Laptop can get and if we’ll eventually see it in the market.