Mood shifting shoes

What is it about high heels that make women weak in the knees (other than it makes women literally weak in the knees)? Oh right, I remember now, high heels are HOT! So what is a girl to do when she leaves with her office in boring flats and wants to show off her stems? Get herself up to speed with this adjustable heel shoes called “Goodie 2 Shoes” by designer Natalie Thorne. The height transition is made possible by a quick and easy male and female peg system secured by strong magnets and a hidden hinge. But wait, there’s more! The whole look and feel of the shoe can be altered by the interchangeable plastic uppers. These customisable uppers are attached using snap fixings, which allows them to be easily clipped on and off, replacing them with uppers of different shapes, colours and styles. And if that were not enough, she will even throw in a pair of ginsu knives for free! Act now.

Designer: Natalie Cosette Thorne

Converts from a 9 cm high heel to 4 cm low heel.


  • Willzville says:

    There is already far better adjustable designs than this (which incorporate the lengthener in the shoe). This show itself looks too geekyish – only a computer geek or tomboy would wear something like this.

  • querque says:

    I’m not a big fan of the style of these shoes. I think it could be more feminine (forms as well as colors). Also, where and how does one keep track of all the “pieces”.

  • ting says:

    there is too many complicacy step to do

  • rayelle says:

    the concept is great but the shoe isn’t very attractive i don’t know many women that would buy it!

    • Shahid says:

      You’re joking aren’t you? Look at how many women wear those awful Croc shoes. They look like those jelly things my children used to wear on the beach! This concept is excellent and the shoe design well thought out and implemented. I can see a lot of women going for this.

  • carl says:

    defo looks like it has been designed by a man.. sexist but true. no femininity in this at all.

  • TH says:

    One word: anorak.

  • enoo says:

    And I bet this kind of shoes would cost more that 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. And I would much prefer having 2 or 3 *nice* pairs of shoes instead of this. At least when one pair is worn out/broken, there’s still the other shoes left.

    And don’t tell me about instant-customization and such, seriously, who would want to keep removable heels and plastic uppers all the time in her bag?

  • kamekuchan says:

    There’s no feminism in this shoe design… There was a better concept of a shoe here in yankodesign.. But really liked your model construction!

  • Lim says:

    What many designers have been trying to do some donkey years ago…… No breaktrough seen in here…

  • Clairette says:

    I think it is a great idea, but it is true that the design could be more attractive. But the concept stay cool !

  • Thera says:

    Being a geekette, strangely enough, I actually like that design, that would fit well with my computer(s) 😀

  • Mert Can says:

    Indeed there is an idea and some work yet; the idea is not new or revised/developed further more, design looks like aimed to cybernetic robots; an old idea in the future with this type of complexity will not bring money to designer or the company.

    The best part is the mocap/modelling part, designer put a real effort to do this 1/1 scale model – or at least put a real effort while searching for someone to do it.

  • anto says:


  • Christine says:

    It looks like something out of a Black and Decker tool box…

  • z says:

    i like. i want.

  • Dawn says:

    I write and review products for and my own personal site. When I first happened across this on another blog with the title ‘Hi-Tech Shoes…’ I was immediately skeptical. I had only glanced at the article when I was en route to getting a refill. The concept stayed with me and what I had in my mind as a less ‘hi-tech’ approach is actually the concept that’s going to be implemented into the product.

    No, the design is not the most appealing, but that can be worked on. It actually looks a little cheap (the uppers) however, if done right you can do an entire line of those that fit someone’s tastes better. If the sole has some soft flexibility to it and there was a slight redesign, I think it’s a great idea.

    2 shoes in one which is great for a spontaneous moment or having to attend a party directly after work. If done correctly, it can also be a saving grace when traveling (less space needed for shoes).

    I say work on the design a little and go for it.

  • Richard E says:

    Some of the comments here are juvenile, ill-informned and, in some cases, plain rude. Let’s not forget these shoes would be the product of someone who has probably created the idea and finished article from scratch. They have nor been created by a top professional designer working for a major retailer. – if they were they wouldn’t be on this site! In fact, a few minutes search on the web revealed this designer to be a student (FEMALE – please read before leaving pointless comments) at University and this is part of her degree.

    From personal experience, I know that the designer would have been working with no prior knowledge and produced this from scratch probably from just a sheet of leather. With this in mind the concept is excellent and very practicle. If the basic idea were used, the look and style of the shoe could be made more elegant , if required. That’s not really the issue here.

    I would probbaly suggest these wouldn’t be the type of thing to appeal to women who like lots of different style of shoes or are looking for sheer elegance but, for those who think women only go for 6″ Gucci heels, take a look around at how many wear those ‘Croc’ shoes. Very practical with no style at all. Practicality is the key note with this design.

    This is an excellent concept that could be put to good use with the right amount of High St retail backing, and any issues with attractive design can be ironed out later.

  • Mags says:

    So … where do I get them?

  • mery says:


  • Byko says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • J says:

    I have to agree with Richard E
    and shout at Willzville for not having a clue what (I’m guessing is a he) is on about!!!!!
    For a start using the words computer geek on a web-based forum makes you a massive hypocrite, your using a computer to write the blooming message!!!!!!!

    I actually saw this design on the BBC news, it was designed buy a girl at Loughborough University (who is very pretty by the way). It was a final year design from Industrial Design Technology, not some special shoe making course. So it’s probably the 1st shoe she’s ever make. So kudos to her for making a full scale working pair that look great.

    I think as a designer she has identified, dissected and resolved a common issue of women who want to go out at night wearing heels, but then have to take them off when their feet get tired or want to walk home.

    And as for people who don’t like the colour combination! fair enough thats your personal choice, i quite like it, but the great part about the exchangeable backs and fronts is that you can change the colour!

    Good work!!!! and I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in the shops, where I’m sure they’ll make it one day 😀

  • Donnie Murdock says:

    if you like these check out these there are just like these but they look a lot nicer

    • LucyLoo says:

      camileon heels are boring and unfashionable these are unique and funky great design
      😀 😀

  • isabel says:

    The concept is great. Every woman dreamed of having shoes like those. But reagardless of the comments defending them, I don’t like the design. They are practical. Yes. But those ones aren’t quite femenine.

    I’ll keep the idea, maybe with this concept more fashionable shoes can be made.

  • b2p says:

    concept already exists and is patented… make researches before creating…

  • Designed to wear one week out of the month?

  • Niiamh says:

    Umm.. these are a goood idea!
    So.. OUT!
    we like stalettos .. pink,, white,, blk!
    sorri but they r not fashionable!

  • bill says:

    it’s very make me moving ,l am fan for it.
    the designer is great.

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