Mood shifting shoes

What is it about high heels that make women weak in the knees (other than it makes women literally weak in the knees)? Oh right, I remember now, high heels are HOT! So what is a girl to do when she leaves with her office in boring flats and wants to show off her stems? Get herself up to speed with this adjustable heel shoes called “Goodie 2 Shoes” by designer Natalie Thorne. The height transition is made possible by a quick and easy male and female peg system secured by strong magnets and a hidden hinge. But wait, there’s more! The whole look and feel of the shoe can be altered by the interchangeable plastic uppers. These customisable uppers are attached using snap fixings, which allows them to be easily clipped on and off, replacing them with uppers of different shapes, colours and styles. And if that were not enough, she will even throw in a pair of ginsu knives for free! Act now.

Designer: Natalie Cosette Thorne

Converts from a 9 cm high heel to 4 cm low heel.