You Is So Dirty

Have you noticed how fast dirty, crud, and general filth accumulates around your desk? It’s a dirt magnet I tells ya. The Personal Cleaner concept by Junyi Heo is just the ticket to cleaner and healthier living. It’s basically a bamboo inspired hand vac that will look right at home on your desk. It comes with a charging cradle and the first segment pivots for better reach-around sucking. Big deal right? Actually it’s filtering the air when in its upright charging position too. Clever clever.

Designer: Junyi Heo

Texts from the designer:

This design is motivated from bamboo. I’ve tried to express the ecology section of bamboo. Bamboo is very useful tree. For example, It is one of the famous tree to purify turbid air.

Once the Personal cleaner is put on the charging cradle, it works as a air cleaner right away. At the air outlet located on the top part of the device, there is LED for checking battery life.

At the second joint, there is a hinge to be folded. When folded, it works as a vacuum cleaner automatically and this degree is good to use. The brush is cleverly hidden and only when folded the brush appears and good to use as vacuum cleaner. If people separate the first joint, there is the dust filter for air cleaner and vacuum cleaner.