Universal Standard Time

Will Smith and little green men approved, this latest design by Ramei Keum is called “The Universe” and it is out of this world… yuk, did I really just write that? I guess I did and my delete button has been broken for years now (as many of you so lovingly have noticed). Anyhow, this simple and elegant watch design is centered by a cluster of rubies (bling) and circled by two diamond satellites (bling bling).

Designer: Ramei Keum


  • inf says:

    How do they work?

  • eric says:

    a watch is best when it’s clear and accurate. this is neither

    • ziggy says:

      I like it. It’s simple, abstract and clear/easy to read all at once; that is not easy to achieve. Inner ring is hours, outer is minutes.

    • fb says:

      nowadays watches are no longer used to tell time,
      we have cellphones, computers, mp3s for that

      watches are now merely a fashion accessory.

      so just try to enjoy the elegant watch

  • zippyflounder says:


  • Blanco says:

    Interesting design… For a men’s watch I would assume a thicker band. Explore other color/gem combinations… black sapphire or onyx in place of the ruby’s on white mother of pearl face? Just a thought, nice work!

  • enoo says:

    “centered by a cluster of rubies” — rubies? I thought it was some tiny LEDs. Without that horrible center it may look good, but with it … no way.

  • IGreenSpot says:

    hm… hm… okay i’m lost, what time is it? luxury watch indeed, but I prefer a watch where I can see the number or at least dots that represent the numbers, so that at first glance I already know what time is it, instead of wondering and looking for a minute or two guessing what time is it.

  • MK says:

    what a boring watch

    boring shape boring concept.

  • Shiella says:

    Unique watch but a bit difficult to understand.

  • Stanium says:

    The watch looks cool, but it’s really more like a fashion accessory, than a usable chronometer.

  • Jade Doel says:

    The ruby’s must represent the sun and the other two must be the planets.
    I love the concept and I applaud the designer for thinking out side the box. I wish people could see past the fact that it’s not your conventional watch and that if you can’t tell the time on it then you need to go back to school.


  • Reza says:

    Good, but an old idea!

  • LLIM says:

    wow, great idea..now I truly know that no idea is original because I have designed the exact idea about a year ago. Great mind thinks alike

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