Crystal Time Band-its

Swarovski Swarovski everywhere, and not a point to spare. Once again crystal kings Swarovski have managed to inspire yet another concept design. This time around it was designer Peter Zsolt Koren. His “In-spiral” bangle bracelet/watch design looks acceptable on either on a wrist or a desktop. This rail system design adjust through every other line and locks magnetically.

Designer: Peter Zsolt Koren


  • zippyflounder says:

    why bother with the watch function, we have them in our cars, cellphones, ipods, computers, microwave ovens, thermostats, hell even some toiltes…..its a nice bit of jewlery…nutting more

    fin (hey that go’s with flounder…my new signoff) middlefin, indexfin, waggingfin…..

    • So says:

      Watches is a essential item, it’s not somethink that you would disgard … Just imagine this, your out and about and your phones dead, ipod no battery and theres no computer and all the other funky items with a time display …

      Then you would think, if only i worn a watch! Just seems useless because of the hi-tech gadget, people disgard some other useful stuff

      • Ken says:

        What if at the same time the watch running out of battery too? You know, there is some time when we are in a complete bad luck mode.

        Since I believe this watch is battery powered, I guess Peter should think about solar powered technology or may be an advance kinetic system…

  • Willzville says:

    Another stupid design. Nothing special, these kinda watches never get made because people don’t find them appealing. However, its nice to see that the designer didn’t spend much time CAD drafting the design.

    • So says:

      I admit, this concept does seem like another aesthetics concept, designed for the money extra crowd … However i disagree with you saying that it’s nice to have a poor CAD rendering …

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