Careful Dr. Who, this Time Machine’s Real

We here at Yanko Design see all manner of interesting concepts, but this is definitely the first serious attempt (from a sane person at least) that we’ve seen at an actual time machine. Though the laws of physics may be a good reason for the shortage of time machine concepts, those abiding principals did not stop designer Charles Blanca. By studying the link between senses and memories, he believes he has created a time machine and has called it “Madeline.” From here things get complicated, and since no one is more qualified to explain it, here are the designer’s own words.

“So small and discrete molecules though so powerful when we come across them, odours are rooted in our memory and make us travel through time. Madeleine offers to help us find the smells we have lost because of the evolution of our living environment. In a convivial place, everybody will be able to experience a creative immersion in a time-travelling capsule. But more than a product, Madeleine is a community linked by olfactory experience and by the expression of their senses. Let’s wake our sense of smell up and share what inspires us…”

I’m still wondering if I can lock my nemesis in one and make him smell my old gym socks for an hour or two.

Designer: Charles Blanca


  • ITrush says:

    nice idea, the design is really great.

  • eric says:

    odor cocoon. sweet

  • p says:

    best looking time machine i’ve come across. I dig the text on the outside especially.

  • Sounds like the whole ‘time machine’ schtick was tacked on at the end.

    I’m always amazed at the number of design ideas rendered to be the focal point of an entire room, though hundreds of years of our species’ habitations don’t back up this fantasy.

    Good design takes other stuff/life into account .

    I think this designer would be happier designing sci-fi sets.

  • zippyflounder says:

    wanna time machine, learn to bake bread….puts me right back to when i was a weeeeeeeeee wippersnapper. The odor concept does work, the cocoon thing while slick has one problem, unless made of cermaic and sterilzed with steam……….will stink to high heven.

  • Myke says:

    smell could really bring back memories. maybe more details on how the machine would know in particular what smell the person lost would really be nice.

  • IGreenSpot says:

    nice try, but I think the time machine won’t happen, why not turn this pod into something like personal movie theater ?

  • carl says:

    styling taken from the film Aliens… zzzzz

  • paul sandip says:

    quite interesting! 🙂

  • Can anyone tell me how to contact Charles Blanca or his PR company please?

  • Miranda says:

    now thats an awesome idea.But you could of make it more colorful like with a little black on it that would be awesome ok later

  • M.S.W. says:

    All this thing needs is a vac port built into the the seat to vacate unwanted scents.

  • pedro gomes says:

    cool render and concept!

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