Reebok Maeda Struccess

In their first collaboration, Maeda designed the Timetanium which was inspired by Time. His second design, the Emoretion, drew from Emotion.  His newest design, the Struccess, comes from Law #9: Failure.  Maeda says, “if you fail, keep trying – struggle to reach some form of success.”

Using three of Reebok’s state-of-the-art technologies, the InstaPump Fury is Professor Maeda’s canvas, and his handwritten code that decorates the shoe’s lining creates puddles of graphics all over the shoe.  With so many parts – from the pump to the carpet fiber to the Hexalite – it’s a whole different animal.

Only 300 pairs of these electrifying sneakers will be available as of July 2nd for $200 but only a portion will be available on Reebok’s website here in the US.

Designer: John Maeda [ Maeda Struccess Video ]