Baby Italian Stallion

What is Italian for Mini? Well if you ask the folks at Alfa Romeo they would say “Mi.To.” That is the name of their BMW Mini Cooper killer. Looking to compete in the premium subcompact segment dominated by the Mini, Alfa designers took inspiration from their 8C Competizione beauty. And if drop dead gorgeous looks were not enough, this bad boy Mi.To makes the Toyota Prius green(er) with envy over the little Italians estimated 49 MPG. Don’t look for the Mi.To on the streets of the U.S. anytime soon, but for the rest of the world…Mama Mia, that’s a spicy meatball!

[ Via: Car Scoop ]


  • zippyflounder says:

    got to love alfa, take a little bitty box and make it have soul and guts.

  • Keith says:

    Looks nice, but what is up with 4 seats in these little subcompacts these days. It just seems like they are useless, kinda like the rear seats in the Mustang, or the Mazda3 for that matter.

    • zippyflounder says:

      for the kiddlets, remember moms drive the purchase and IF IT CANT HAUL THE KIDS YOUR DEAD…KIDS, KIDS, KIDS…….everything MUST BE FOR THE KIDS~!!!!!!!. Me I decided fine wine, cool rides, vacations were more important to me, so no kids in my life (except the ones that wash my roadster).

      • Keith says:

        I’m not sure how many moms would buy this car, especially if they are looking into the Mini market, which tends to be younger (mid-20s) males. High side bolsters, the shape of the shift knob, as well as the steering bumps at 10 and 2 seem to tell me this thing wasn’t designed for mom and kids. It looks like the first gen G35 Sedan, like they took a nice-looking car and just stretched it to add some room int he rear, which makes the car look awkwardly long.

        • zippyflounder says:

          no, its like this…no back seats no car seats, no car seats mom wont let dad buy it as a “commuter” as kidletts could not be hauled from daycare if mom is otherwise occupied……

    • austin says:

      Insurance purposes, mostly. Even the 911 has a 2+2 seating arrangement.

      Aside from that, it’s a subcompact, not a sports car. It’s like an Italian VW Golf/Rabbit.

  • igreenspot says:

    luxury that comes in small car, i want one please… even when it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg

  • Def says:

    I like the design, except for the front lights, which look cheap. Like from Fiat – Bravo. Same for the rearlight, which should be exchanged for some smaller LED.

  • Adi_copyright says:

    Superb. “Especially” the front lights that recall 8C and old Alfa.

    Italian designers never kill tradition to impress.

  • koffie says:

    I’m invited by Alfa to go look at the thing next week (26th and 27th). Currently driving a 147, but gonna replace it with one of these 🙂

  • Flying Fenders says:

    The classic “trilobo” Alfa Romeo front has the right proportions; the profile is slim, except, maybe, the huge wheel arches. Another istant-classic from Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

  • Gadgets says:

    Beautiful concept design. Now if they throw in one of their amazing diesels, they’ll have an incredible mpg moving artwork piece.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    Alfa romeo isn’t been importing in Korea now~ thats so pity~!

  • Ryan says:

    What about Canada? We had the Nissan Micra and the Smart Fortwo diesel and the U.S. didn’t have them. Why not this? So cool!

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