Enlighten Lights

The halo is one of the most mysterious artistic elements in cultures all over the world. Always depicting an “enlightened one”, the halo seems to be internationally recognized as a sign of great power or knowledge. Designer Sander Mulder has created this Halo Light that attempts to capture some of that mystery by cleverly hiding the light source in the stainless steel housing. Available in both stand-alone arch model or a free hanging cable version.

Designer: Sander Mulder [ Via: Yatzer ]


  • zuy says:

    great Sanders it’s an innovation….Here it’s real “differential design” as usually said Paul Sandip…


  • HawkSkater0 says:

    Those are really sweat, I really am wishing i could have those. Those lights just look soooo cool

  • carl says:

    very nice.

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