iPhone’s Second Coming

Well the second coming has finally arrived. The brand new iPhone version 2.0 was just announced by the master of marketing Mr. Steve Jobs. What is so “new” about the new iPhone? Here are the basic relevant features for your average user:

– 3G Network Compatibility (This means much, much faster internet access. A very needed update.)
– Extended Battery Life based on previous iPhone.
– Now comes in black and white.
– More memory. (8GB & 16GB)
– Flush headphone jack (No more headphone adaptors)
– Available in over 70 countries. (sorry Tennessee)
– Full GPS! (never get lost again…ever.)

Shipments start July 11th and will cost $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB. There are many more software updates you can read all about on Apple’s site here. Now back to your actual life.