More than a Door


Whether you’re leaving or staying, the front door is usually your first and last point of contact with your home… so why shouldn’t it be as multifunctional and helpful as say, your smartphone?

Introducing, the Smart Door. It’s designed to keep homeowners safe from break-ins, fire, and other accidents. In addition, it incorporates weather and thermal sensors; it is integrated with thermal and video cameras. This door reminds the owners to take an umbrella if it is raining or give a simple reminder if there is to be a change in weather. Smart Door also watches over those who are inside and watches out for those outside. It knows its owners, differentiates between pets and can even be used to set reminders for dog walking.

With a mobile phone or a tablet application, one can use the system to control and monitor the house. The basic functions include: a safety lock, full length camera view of visitors, a protection system for children, a full report on the movements in and around the house, and more. Coolest of all, changeable Smart Door designs and colors to customize your entrance!

Smart Door is a 2015 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designer: Valerii Kuznetsov