The Low Cost Phone

When you come to think of it, it’s always the technology and materials used that shoot up the cost of a mobile phone. Compromising on technology is not so bright, hence designer Sudhanwa Chavan played around with the materials and construction of a cellphone. His version is the Extru, a device that avoids complex surfaces, has a simple operating interface and takes care of the delicate parts intelligently. A very simple and dynamic form.

Features include a color sensitive screen that turns neutral with an incoming call. Simple interface with touch sensitive keypad that glow.

Designer: Sudhanwa Chavan


  • Jimmy C says:


  • R says:

    In reality it’s not a simple as that, but it’s a good start.

  • Mr. B says:

    the sharp aluminium edges will tear every pocket apart….

  • Maryline says:

    Good point Mr. B.

  • mike says:

    Be honest, I don’t see it “low cost”

  • sudhanwa says:

    Hi Mr.B
    point noted..
    I will surely exaggerate the radii..


  • pratik says:

    good start,may be some refinements will prove it to be low cost!

  • sur says:

    I liked the design…and this can surely be modified to the extent where people will get convinced about the cost too…

  • Rajesh says:


    I appreciate the concept and design.To come up with new ideas is creative work.

    We can see about aircrafts when wright brothers designed the aircraft how it was. And then rest is history.

    So I am with you.

  • begayet says:

    i dont see any low cost product here. many mobile phone shells are manufactured by press or injection, cost of these methods are cheap already. so if u mean to reduce cost by eliminating the mold cost by extrusion i am pretty sure many manufacturers produce this form by cold press or bending, of which requires mold again.

  • sudhanwa says:

    Thanks all for the comments..
    will surely refine accordingly..
    but if I have to will be low cost…for sure…
    – sudhanwa

  • prasanth says:

    that’s not a big problem dude. we can make it smooth

  • anoush says:

    i love the form. i question the function though.

  • sudhanwa says:

    yeh, true…will figure out 🙂

  • sudhanwa says:

    Thanks Anoush..
    will surely refine the functional patterns

  • pat says:

    aluminium extrusion = not cheap due to process and material used.

    maybe u should do some homework on manufacturing process before ‘envision’

  • pat says:

    hi mat

    have you make cost study comparing manufacturing cost of alu extrusion compare to plastic molding parts? please keep in mind of the additional ‘finishing’ process that is required of alu parts.

    weather its china, malaysia, india, vietnam, cambodia it is all the same…

    and, yes, i’ve been to china and worked there as product design eng.

  • mat says:

    Hi Pat,

    Engineer will be an engineer…

  • sudhanwa says:


  • devkaran says:

    whereto buy and the cost please

  • sudhanwa says:

    Hey Devkaran,

    Unfortunately; the product is still at concept level.


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