Iceberg Living

Icebergs may soon be a thing of the past, but tell that to the designers of this “Iceberg” housing project that just won a competition to build a housing complex at the Aarhus docklands development in Denmark. Architects Julien de Smedt and CEBRA architects in collaboration with Louis Paillard and SeArch have dreamed up this future community due for completion in 2010. Comprising of over 200 apartments and a variety of shops, cultural and social activities and ample workplaces. By remaining below the maximum heights at points and emerging above the dotted line at other moments. “Peaks” and “canyons” form; eliciting the project’s strength while ensuring that all apartment will be supplied with a generous amount of natural lighting and waterfront views. With the global change growing exponentially, waterfront views may be in all our futures.

Architect: Julien de Smedt [ Project Page ] [ Via: Dezeen ]


  • Nate Nead says:

    super cool! as always.

  • paj says:

    great shit, reminds me the to the bad architactur of the 60’s

  • MAJDI says:

    Well! depends on your mood, you can like it or not
    I find it aggressive in some ways, as far as I am concerned I think that people do not like obtuse angles or acute angles in general,
    anyway it’s a kind of new experimentation in the world of architecture

  • yler says:

    gay gayness. everyone will have their blinds closed and it wont be full of shiny social people but unfriendly condo wads, nobody saying hello. another mistake thinking cgi can be real. gaywads

  • Katie G. Hope says:

    It looks a lot better in the night shot, the day shots just don’t look very inviting.

  • zhouxin says:

    I think your design conception is very creative, but the illustration don’t show your main point, so it cann’t present your design perfect.

    They can be made better!

  • I like this project and think it is really good to make things like this in the world!


  • thets is great design concept…to be perceptual concept in drawing inspiring futur artistical design…renewable the home ..and web…this is…congratulation..

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