iWash My Face

Ah sleep…my drug of choice. What sucks worse than not sleeping enough? Having to wake up from a nice, cozy, toe curling slumber. To arouse ourselves from our hibernating, most of us have devised some pretty unique ways of getting our collective asses out of bed. One of the most common rituals is to crank on some upbeat tunes and splash water in our crusty faces. Italian fixture makers WET have devised a way to get your groove on while you wash dried saliva from your face with this “X-Light Surround” basin, the first “musical” washbasin. Designed by Jan Puylaert, the X-Light Surround basin comes with a built-in amplified speaker system for your iPod. Toilet subwoofer not included.

Designer: Jan Puylaert [ Via: Trendir ]


  • jas says:

    Stop with the stupid ipod accessories. This is ridiculous, who is going to want to play music in a place that you spend no longer than 5 minutes. When I am brushing my teeth I cant even hear anything else. As you might assume i am an ipod hater due to the fact that they are making sinks for it. No more ipod accessories allowed. thers the idildo, the ispoon, the ibed, the ishirt, the ifridge. Give it a rest.

  • At says:

    My toilet is iPod ready, the first ”musical” toilet, to assist my symphony.

  • Lim says:

    People who loves and buy iPod is because they see iPod as an Idol… Not buying the function of the products.

    Seriously.. I’m for one too sick of Apple… I mean, it is a nice iconic design, but not for forever… We need something after Apple, other fruits please hahaha….

  • carl says:

    irubbush. i agree with Jas. iaccessories are crap and this is no exception.

  • Will says:

    Don’t get this design- the designer has produced some great bathroom designs, but this isnt one of them. Plus the taps are very difficult to operate.(i tried one in Milan)

  • Sam says:

    I like the transparent sink.

    I do not stand for or against the iPod idea. I simply do not have one, never did, and never will.

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