2008 Designer Glass Competition Finalists

What is it about martini glasses that people find so attractive? Is it the precarious nature of their original design, forcing you to step ever-so-gently and methodically as to not lose a single drop of alcohol goodness? Makes you wonder if the original martini glass silhouette was not purposefully awkward. If you are forced to treat something like it is a precious cargo, will you start to believe it actually is precious cargo? Therefore, psychologically elevating its value? As if drinking martinis was not fun enough, the makers of Bombay Sapphire Gin have rounded down their “Designer Glass Competition” to ten finalist and they want you to pick the winner. Check out them out and let us know how you take it. I don’t want to influence the vote, so I will just wait here at the bar crying over the bill.

[ Vote Here ] Thank you Michael Roller!

“Blue is the New Green” by Jonathan Knodell / “Star by Matthew Dollinger

“Of the Vine” by Evan Detskas / “Geisha to Go” by Kazumi Tanimura & Miyuki Habiro

“Ms. Pickford’s Glass” by Micah Bowers / “On The Rocks” by Mia Ferrera Wiesenthal

“Maelstrom Martini” by Theo Keller / “Sapphire Drop” by John Vajda

“Untitled” by Rogelio Aguirre / “Vapour” by Michael Roller