CandLED Lamp

Everything old is new again, or so it goes with this latest novelty lamp design called “Good Night Eileen” by Christine Birkhoven. Mixing old uses with new technologies, this lamp design is intended for people who clearly posses the modern convenience of light switches and electricity, but prefer to walk around with their light source in hand, for those moments investigating that creepy breathing noise coming out of your attic or basement. Pull the lamp from its base and the light comes on, set it back down and it fades to black. Using energy efficient LED lights with electricity transferred between the lamp and its ceramic base via magnetic induction, this design is clean, modern and old school fun. Good morrow to you my brethren.

Designer: Christine Birkhoven


  • jin woo han says:

    I liki this kind of idea. very sensitive

  • Lim says:

    Haha interesting…But personally i feel that perhaps it can be more practical towards the cost and the materials used….i mean, this will be great design for developing country who always experiences BLACKOUT. Just trying this idea to another level haha… 😀

  • carl says:

    already exists!

  • Freshome says:

    Useless design, because the magnetic induction can last only a few centimeters.

  • enoo says:

    to Freshome: Ever heard of rechargeable batteries?

    Nice looking lamp, I may like it even more if it looked more like a candle.
    I already have that kind of thing on my house, but it’s just an ugly flashlight that’s automaticaly switched on when removed from it’s base (or when there’s a power cut).

  • Grim says:

    Awesome. Must be nice to wake up in the middle of the night and take it to the kitchen to have a bite. great design.

  • VertiGoGO says:

    I love it! Someone please tell me where I can order it online and I will do so. I want it. It would be perfect for use on my balcony – I could let it charge on a table in my condo’s living room, and then bring it outside to provide atmosphere (and not have to worry about wind blowing candles out).

    How much is this retailing for?

  • Mark eting says:

    This is one of the coolest gadgets ive seen

  • Flower Light says:

    that’s very funny idea.

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