Forest Fire “Clear Cut” Robot

Yep, this is exactly what you think it is. The forest fire prevention robot by Jordan Guelde is an advanced robot designed to clear large areas of foliage from around a forest fire to help stop the flames from spreading. Traditional back burning would certainly be cheaper and possibly less lethal to surrounding wildlife, but complete with and array of hubless motors, and integrated fuel system of its back this robot is a hell of a lot cooler. Unfortunately this version is intended for entertainment design rather than the production line, but with the help of Governor Schwarzenegger maybe the production line is possible?

Designer: Jordan Guelde & Daniel Shankland II


  • Robsta says:

    Ed-209 from Robocop anyone?

    • MDude says:

      Throw in some Buzzsaw from SIlverhawks and one of those orange industrail robot arms, and I think you have it covered pretty well. 🙂

  • ModuleS says:

    Out of all the robots featured on yanko, this is my favourite one

  • inf says:

    Escaped from Transformers movie

  • igreenspot says:

    Japan will be very very envy

  • Drew says:

    Anyone remember Ferngully?

  • Nacon says:

    ok… this isn’t very realistic concept at all. You’re just letting your (stupid) childhood stepping in the way for these “future fantasy”. Come on… get real.

    There are machines that exist for the job and been used in forest fighting many times.

    • ModuleS says:

      I beg to differ. I know of a group who’s working to make this (or something like it) a reality.

      Check out Mechanized Propulsion Systems:

    • Jordan says:

      I am the designer of this concept and I say thank you for your kind words…and for your information I am just a kid. Clearly you are not a strong reader because it states right in the top description that this is for ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN purposes…..its not supposed to replace the machines we have right now. Simply because you don’t have a strong imagination doesn’t give you the right to tear down others.
      – Jordan Guelde CCS

      • pepinthewicked says:

        Go easy on Nacon. He’s a bit of a hater. But he’s like a sage of pragmatism. And I’m sure he has a place in his heart for awesome Mecha.

  • Curves says:

    While I can see great uses for this, especially in wildfire prone areas, it looks like something right out of a nightmare.

  • MadModderX says:

    Am I one of the few people who glanced at the first picture and thought it was real?

  • Pope John Peeps II says:

    So, he slices down a tree in the forest, but then is totally incapable of moving it, thus gaining absolutely nothing.

    Well planned, robo-modeller. Well-planned.

    • BasicBlack says:

      I think the point of cutting down the trees is to stop the flames from hopping from treetop to treetop. Sure, the fire will burn on the forest floor, but it’s advance is slowed enough for intervention by other means.

  • Jordan says:

    I am the designer and builder of this concept. I love how some of you are so quick to jump to conclusions about this design…keep in mind that it is for ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN purposes only…similar to the Demolition Bot seen in the film I-Robot. To view many more detailed images of my concept as well as the physical model I built, please visit my website at

  • Jordan says:

    I am the designer for this concept. Go to my site for many more detailed photos as well as the actual physical model that I built. This for ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN purposes only.

  • Daniel says:

    I am the Co designer on this independent study, the other version of the concept can be seen at Both Robots share many common parts, and were designed as a pair. The above renderings (with gray backgrounds) were built in Alias and Rendered in Hypershot.

  • Benz says:

    Cool!!!i think the future need some hi tech robot!

  • jin woo han says:

    GOod! Fight with me~!

  • Joshua says:

    The article says that back burns would be cheaper and more effective.

    Why not outfit the robot with flamethrowers so it can perform back burns?

    And, you know, for crowd control when it inevitably decides to destroy humanity.

  • maninalift says:

    How are some of you believing this is s practical design? That is clearly not what is intended.

    BTW appears to be a con site (to sucker some investors I presume).

  • Robot Quiz says:

    Who knows, maybe like Star Trek this cool concept will turn reality. I think it needs a (water)gun

  • The Venture Company called, they want their shredder back. And I imagine some little goblin in Stranglethorn Vale is in big trouble for losing the schematics.

  • mark says:

    Good and very important like all the rest of recent robotic developmnet,cheers.

  • Thom says:

    Needs a flame thrower!

  • Rob says:

    Chain saws would work better than rotery blades.
    There are mechanical tree harvesters, they move slow, but can cut down a lot of trees.
    Most have a gripper mechanizm with a cutoff saw on the bottom.
    The bipedial structure of this might work well in the rough footing of a forest.
    Might want to put a third leg/stablizer/tail to allow more leaverage.
    There needs to be some way of controling the trees as they fall. They can be massive and would be enough to crush the machine.
    There needs to be some way of disposing of the cut trees too. Just dropping them makes more tinder for the fire.
    I would include some operator safety items too. I can’t imagine this moving very fast, and it might get caught in the fire. How will it help the operator survive. Smoke might be a problem too.
    Not to mention its missing the plazma cannon…….

  • M.Ehsan says:

    Hi… does this robot work or it’s just a model?
    However, could you please give some more info? like the reator company and some other detail about its proficiency!

  • wobryme says:

    Cool idea! Very future oriented…I think in 10 years we will have some of this

  • TheSchmuck says:

    Ooooooo … It’s got chicken legs! 😉

  • Raymond Agbunag says:

    Wow! Very good concept. How did you learn Robotic mechanics. Robot Joints are designed great.

  • Raymond Agbunag says:

    Wow! Very good concept. How did you learn Robotic mechanics. Robot Joints are designed great.

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