I Think I Have Lost My Appetite

Those of you reading this probably are quite blessed with the ability to have anything to eat you want at any time of day. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have that privilege. Designer Rafael Morgan created the following design with those less fortunate in mind. The Indigestive Plate was created with a secret message. The message comes appears when warm or hot food is added to the plate- A secret that gives a real message to those who are eating from the plate.

Designer: Rafael Morgan & Ben Collette


  • Crazygreg says:

    uh!, take a look at my project ” Congratulation plate” 🙁

  • Brian says:

    Might be more interesting if he used correct grammar – it should read “hunger-related causes”.

  • YourMother'sAss says:

    Well at least you know you're not wasting food if you can see the writing on the bottom, so HAH!

  • YourMother'sAssBerries says:

    Well at least you know you’re not wasting food if you can see the writing on the bottom, so HAH!

  • ErmNo says:

    Big f***in pffffffffftttttttt.

  • cra says:

    interesting concept, but if you took the money it would take to produce this and put it into doing something actually beneficial for the hungry you would probably do allot more good. but i do like the idea.

  • John says:

    It never made me want to eat all my dinner to hear about starving children. I guess that is why the message is under the food…

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