Toyota Goes on a Diet

Toyota is getting seriously body conscious with its latest fuel efficient concept the 1/X. Taking everything they learned from their highly successful hybrid Prius, Toyota is looking for more ways to squeeze every inch from a gallon of gas possible. This 1/X concept design was built from the ground up with light weight materials, with which they hope to double the Prius’ already impressive mileage ranking. Some interesting choices can be found overhead. The roof is transparent, heat and noise insulating, and made from a bio-plastic derived from kenaf and ramie plants. The wheels are thinner than normal cars due to its extreme light weight.This design, combined with the lightness of the car means that it can travel for over 600 miles on a four-gallon tank of fuel. Pretty impressive effort from Toyota, one of the only companies successfully marketing hybrids today.

Designer: Toyota [ Via: Inhabitat ]