*Ding *Dong, Secret Agent at the door

Good afternoon Mr. Bond. Welcome to my lair. I can imagine the gleam in young Jérôme Olivet’s eyes, as a child watching all those super click 007 villains and their even slicker evil lairs. Note: Evil geniuses have “lairs”, simple criminals have “hideouts.” It must have taken a mad genius to come up with this architectural design dubbed “JET HOUSE” by Jérôme Olivet. This three story grounded space craft comes complete with an elevator, two jet-car garage and will be the definition of architectural elegance in the year 2250 or an alternate dimension. In case it is not obvious, this is a home design.

Designer: Jerome Olivet


  • zuy says:

    waohhh … it’s design fiction!!!!

  • minix00 says:

    the coolest house ever!

  • Robb says:

    Um – this is a 3D CGI concept right? Or did they really build this house? And if they did – GET ON THE PHONE TO MGM for the next James Bond!

  • zuy says:

    Jérome Olivet is a visionnary , a fiction designer. He is not an architecte (Starck is not too).
    Prior to his famous biomorphic bag collection, he was in the STARk ‘s galaxie with Matalie Crasset, He dvp also Bionics furniture collection and a lot of best sellers electronics products,…
    You must also see the work of Branko Kubic that created the non·object’s design experience visionary Prior to non·object, branko was a lead industrial designer at frogdesign and IDEO

  • Zino says:

    Like living in a next-generation vacuum cleaner… Help! Lemme outta this thing!! NO… don’t turn it on…. NOOOOOoooooaieeeeeeeee…!

  • mitch says:

    looks kinda phallic

  • Luis Alberto says:

    Agradable a la vista, inovadora, facinante, realmente me gusta.

  • Andrew says:

    Wonderfull forms!I enjoy the project!

  • ecomanta says:

    This shows a level of sophistication rarely seen – although I would love to see what the interiors look like…

  • radha says:

    reminds me of a bug..cool design though..:)….n lol to zino’s comment..

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