Fascinating Kinetic Architecture

This is one of the most interesting building concepts I’ve seen in a while. The Kinetower’s exterior window elements respond to sunlight or user control much in the same way a flower blooms in the morning, transforming it’s hard facade into a softer and almost unrecognizable version of it’s former self. The metamorphosis is made possible by the use of material that is rigid when taut but flexible enough to bend. This is dynamic design at it’s best.

Designer: Kinetura

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C1sWImmvAE 600 451]


  • Kevin says:

    I think most metals get weak after bending like that…might be an issue. I do like the concept though.

    • Melchior says:

      It doesn't say in the description that it's metal, to quote; “The metamorphosis is made possible by the use of material that is rigid when taut but flexible enough to bend.” so it could be anything.
      My personal worry is wind, what kind off effect is it going to have on those things?

  • samuel123654 says:

    A great looking building, but agree with the previous comment that there would be issues building this kind of thing. Maybe on a smaller scale the concept could be used.

  • Interesting…a building that breathes. I, too, am curious as to what material is used…not to mention, what happens when there is a thunder shower.

  • parrucca says:

    very stylish and forward thinking architecture, but i have the fear that the construction of such a building would cost a little fortune…

  • aki says:

    I hate being negative however this one deserves. First of all I find it pretty much meaningless. Oh by the way there are materials that can do that trick, cost aside. The thing that strikes me is that something not constructed is called a “kinetic architecture”, which is non-sense. So if I am dreaming of a painting that has 12 monkey dancers infinitely reflected by floating droplets, will you call this a painting? NO. it can only be called so after being done.

  • gabriel says:

    very very very impressed….very creative…bravo

  • Alex says:

    Very unique, amazing, great architecture. So modern…

  • Xolo says:

    I love the background music. Any details anyone?

  • ashtar says:

    good man … great concept

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