One Seriously Tight Light Bike

Like to ride your bike after the sun sets? Are you a real Night Rider? Confused as to why trucks don’t seem to notice your pleads for attention and keep slamming your bones around the city streets? Well if you like life and don’t want to die while cruising down the avenues after dark, this bike design by Rudi Moosmeier called “Tong City Bike” just might be all the vehicular enlightenment you’ll need. The designer’s concerns for your safety have manifested in this brilliant (pun intended) bike design that is not only low maintenance, but also safe and secure. The low maintenance aspect is in the all-in-one housing for the brake system, drivetrain, shock absorbers and gears. The safe aspect comes from the use of integrated light tubes that can be customized to any color you desire, making you a more obvious target. Last but not least, this rolling rig even comes with a mini lockable safe, for storing your mobile phone, wallet, light saber or Batphones.

Designer: Nr21 Design