Prelude to a Hit

Believe it or not this sexy concept is almost ready for the streets as is, more unbelievable than that, its from Suzuki. You read correctly, someone at Suzuki got the memo that good design just might equate to more sales and this Suzuki “Kizashi” (Kizashi means Prelude in Japanese) is seriously good design. Sporting 300 horsepower, 6-speed paddle shifters and all-wheel drive, is slightly larger than a BMW 3 series but kilometers more appealing. Taking everything they learned from their highly successful motorcycle and WRC development teams, Suzuki plans to have a not to distant variant of this very design on the street in 2010.

Designer: Suzuki [ Via: CarScoop ]


  • Clarify says:

    great job Suzuki! love the integrated exhaust pipe design.

  • ModuleS says:

    this one sure surprized me, can’t still believe its a suzuki design.

    • billy says:

      not a big suprise to me at all since Suzuki knows how to design in the first place… even before cars were aerodynaically formed , Suzuki was on top of things with there Sports Bike such as Suzuki GSX-R and also the infamous HAYABUSA”…. so for them to make this incredible and structural master piece for a very low cost is to me an absolute zero meaning 100% PERFECT.

  • AG says:

    Someone gets it!!!!

    You can make beautiful products without huge price tags!!!!

  • sean says:


  • powers says:

    Nice for Suzuki? Yes. Great Design? Not quite.

  • Def says:

    Looks like a
    side : BMW
    front: Audi TT
    back: something japanese

    The trunk load is too small. And there are no turn signals on the side. The front is to much, typical US car.

  • TH says:

    I think it looks good, an if it gets a typical Suzuki price tag it will be very competitive. Not epic design, but so many cars these days share looks and features that you can’t really blame Suzuki for that. It looks better than anything by them before, so that’s at least an achievement.

  • lewis says:

    I hoped this would be about a new Honda Prelude, I loved the ’92 model.

  • James says:

    Sure you can make beautiful products if you just rip off someone else’s design.

    Mostly M5, but some Audi in the mix too and a Maserati rear.

    It IS pretty though.

    • Clarify says:

      No offense to Japanese auto designers, but they have been “inspired” by European auto designs for years. Lexus, Honda and NIssan have all been accused of borrowing design leads from the Europeans for decades now. I think this is a worthy of attention effort and has a style voice of its own. That being said, good looks need to be paired with good engineering… the jury is still out.

  • wern says:

    reminds me quite a bit of a lexus concept car too!

  • VLMdesigner says:

    In response to Def, I dont’t see any detail fom the TT or BMW !!! Stop comparisons. This Kizashi is just concensual on its profile. The general design is good (the rear is pretty by example) but not very original, without the show-car-details it’s not outstanding at all but better than the Toyota avalon or the new Nissan Maxima.

  • Chris says:

    The production model Never looks like the concept.

  • Lucky Motors says:

    Nice car! Probably, I’ll never get something like this(((

  • pshyak says:

    like camry 40

  • Saeed says:

    looks more like a Lexus LS460 (back) or a VW Passat (front), but a great one for Suzuki!

  • Locry says:

    though it does look good… it’s nothing new… AUDI, BMW design cues… c’mon Japan… come up with your own designs already… 🙂

    OT… japanese bikes look awesome… but they still can’t compete with Massimo Tamburini’s MV Agusta F4… Europe still rules in the design front. 🙂

  • mjrv says:

    = toyota avensis + mazda 6

  • vapor says:

    Very nice work from suzuki but I thought that the grill reminded me from some of SAAB’s creations =)

  • by says:

    ohhhh i love it! thats an amazing piece of design. the flow of the front wow

  • gld says:

    the wide body effect looks nice but it seems to me that they have stolen the grille design from Audi and the headlights from the BMW 3 series. I’m still looking forward to this one though 🙂

  • musicboy says:

    Toyota Camry 2010 … lol

  • brabuss says:

    brother in law Lexus or camry???

  • mjr says:

    = Toyota Camry + Mazda 6

  • avtodromkiev says:

    Cool Toyota Camry 2010

  • avtodromkiev says:

    Cool Toyota Camry 2010

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