Intravenous Lamp

For those of us not of the botanical persuasion and do not practice photosynthesis to get our nutrient fix, I present to you the “Lichtinfusion” Lamp from Christian Maas. This lamp design is a compelling and evocative visual double entendre, reminding us all that light is life and blocking out the sun is still a bad idea, no matter what George W. Bush thinks. Power cables are ingeniously disguised as rubber tubing found of intravenous units. One feature I was disappointed to not see included are a set of wheels commonly seen on actual intravenous units making it easy to move this light source down the halls while you expose your back side to the world. I can imagine really creeping out the neighbors by switching out the white light bulbs to red bulbs showcasing your blood lust or horror movie fanaticism.

Designer: Christian Maas