This lamp/purifier hybrid fills the room with light + fresh air

Taking signature Scandinavian minimalism and sensibilities to the absolute max, the Sunnaform S5 looks classy and combines a floor lamp and an air purifier into a svelte, minimalist package.

The floor-standing device comes with a large lampshade-esque design where the fabric area on the sides help diffuse the light emanating from the inside and the upper and lower open areas work as the inlet and outlet for the purifier. A silent fan at the bottom helps pull aur from the top that passes through a filter that kills bacteria and traps dust, pollen, and any PM2.5 particulate matter. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the purifier doubles up as a lamp too, lighting the area with diffused LED lighting which can be toggled by a simple switch on the device. Understated and overtly functional, the S5 does both its jobs quite well, and looks like a device fit for any home.

Designer: Sunnaform