Deep Love of Coffee

North Americans are usually turned off by that last bit of wet, dark grinds found at the bottom of a cup of coffee. While most Europeans treat the last sip of coffee as an extra end treat of concentrated goodness. Designer Sunman Kwon has found a new reason to drink your coffee to the last drop. By incorporating a cleverly concealed symbolic message, your journey to the bottom of your cup becomes a journey into the universal language of love. Acting like a slow strip tease of affection, this message of love is only fully revealed after you have consumed your entire cup of caffeine, giving you new carnal ideas to channel your fresh burst of energy.

Designer: Sunman Kwon


  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    Hmmm…I doubt if that changes the fact that you will be drinking grounds. This is a pretty lame idea, IMO.

    • bystander says:

      I can see your point but coming from having experience as a buyer for a design shop, this would SELL really well as a gift idea. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

  • xen says:

    This is a really cool idea. And who said you only have to drink coffee from a mug?

    As bystander sell, this will sell like mad. Specially 14th Feb.

  • AG says:

    Coffee shops could carry these.

    A spin on the idea would be to have a different shape at the bottom of each mug. You discover the shape at the bottom.

    Or like a Valentine’s candy heart, a different message.
    Or like a fortune cookie, different message.

  • Christine says:

    I like this, it’s cute. Though I also agree that it won’t convince people to drink the last bit of coffee grinds, but it does make a cute little gift.

  • zuy says:

    Ohhhh hidden love it’s anecdote in design , cute in gift… the question is : is design unuseful chrismas (or valentine day)gift ?(P Starck)

  • TH says:

    Great gift idea. Nice.

  • Hung says:

    Wow i’d so buy this cup its awsome!
    its so simple too

  • Ronaldo says:

    Great idea. But did the designer think about left-handed people? I must say, as a left-handed myself, that there must be designed a cup with the holder in the opposite side. If not, awkwards using this mug will not see a heart, but instead, a hardly romantic image of an ass.

  • kim sole says:

    Hello, I want to buy it. How can I do?


  • muhaha says:

    where can i buy that?

  • nan says:

    Koool design!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah says:

    very simple & nice, very good gift

  • augur says:

    How can I get it? I really love this one.In the name of love,god,I wanna

  • E.J says:

    where can i find it? it’s so pretty.

  • guest says:

    where can I buy one?!?!?!

  • ringo says:

    wall too thick and not same thickness…..the cup will break if pour hot water in it.

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