The Japanese Crystal Method

Nothing translates the language of fine crystal like stainless steel…wait, huh?! Just checked my notes and yes, what you are looking at is Japan’s new flagship store for crystal kings Swarovski. Located in Ginza, Tokyo, this palace of retail reflection is covered in thousands of stainless-steel reliefs that create the illusion of actual crystal reflecting the urban landscape that surrounds. Designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshiok, this “Crystal Forrest” facade does not stop at the front door. Inside, we are welcomed by embedded crystal and stone flooring, reminding us of the origins of nature’s opulent gift, a requisite crystal chandelier and of course a crystal stair case. What is it about crystal that has fascinated people the world over and allowed for a company like Swarovski to thrive and grow year after year? I don’t dislike crystal but I also find it difficult to get passionate about a mineral scientist are still arguing is either a viscous liquid or solid. Now that I think of it, this material ambiguity is kind of sexy.

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka

Images provided by Tokujin Yoshioka