A Green Home Away From Home

Do you ever wish you could have a vacation home that requires very little of your time for upkeep? A home where you don’t have to worry about gas prices and electricity bills? Well, let me introduce you to ZeroHouse. ZeroHouse is a home that is 100% automatic. This home generates its own electric power with the help of the high-efficiency solar panels that help to produce power which is then stored in a battery backup. Once completely charged, the home can run efficiently for one week without a hint of sunlight. The house runs automatically with the help of sensors that are connected to a centralized laptop computer.

ZeroHouse collects water into a 2700 gallon cistern which runs water by the use of gravity to other parts of the home, thus eliminating the need for any electrical pumps. Organic waste is also diverted to a digestive mechanism located beneath the home, which is then converted into compost that needs to be removed from the home only twice a year.

Each home is not only designed for sustainability but also for comfort. Included in the home are a living area, kitchen, full bath and two bedrooms-even coming with built-in furniture and storage areas. Adjustable LED lighting is built into the wall and ceiling and can last up to 100,000 hours of non-stop usage.

ZeroHouse is a great concept and for added enjoyment, can be customized with a variety of color and material combinations.

Architect: Scott Specht [ Via: Architechnophilia ]


  • Peety says:

    This is a dream come true. I have always wanted a house that is self-sufficient.

  • JJ says:

    Everything looks neat, clean, and easy on paper drawing. I do not believe anything this architect claims. There is so much shit about it, one can smell it all the way to the moon. If this is so great build it for the homeless, park lookout stations, Third world nations, and for the government officials to reside. After all is proven then gloat it.

  • Peter says:

    It’s not meant as a house to be lived in 365 days a year! It’s a holiday home, where you’d stay for a week or two. Meaning that it can easily store enough water and solar power to last that long.

    I think it’s a great concept, but I’m not sure about the shape. It doesn’t seem to be very spacious. It would be great if something like this could be built out of pre-fabricated sections and put together in a week. Like a modular home away from home.

  • Lucy says:

    love this house. all based on enviromental protection.
    but where dose the water in the cistern come from?

  • Avin says:

    It shouldn’t be so high and blocky it should be, smoother, rounded edges or even a sphere, that would have less impact on the ecosystem and the surrounding environment.

    I like the solar power but it doesn’t look very efficient… tilting it would give it a greater surface perhaps and make it look more like a traditional pointed roof…

    the compose need not be collected perhaps… it can be recycled to be used as bio fuel, to power the generator, heater and electronics or electric car so zero emmision from the normal petrol car … or just about anything that requires more energy tan what the solar panels can provide…. or to be used as fertilizer in the garden.

    The water system might not work because the water here will only be used for a couple of days in a year.. the water will become stale and bacterial and insects will breed… where does the the used water go to ?? is there a water filtration system in the house so the water can be recycled for use in the restroom or for other purpose ? perhaps a swimming pool or a small stream of water that runs.. by gravity around the place or so the collected water can go though a “natural” filtration process. the stream will be filled with bamboo charcoal or ceramic filtration thingy, those you see in aquariums it will help clean the air and the dirt be filtered through these purifier.

    I know this is a holiday home, but perhaps there could have a bit more green around… low maintenance creepers along the exterior will not only help blend the building in, but also lower the temperature of the building so less energy is required to cool the place down.

  • Hellfire3300 says:

    Looks like another good idea that either: A). Won’t work, or B). Will never get off the ground.

  • atomicforce says:

    Looks like trolley lab

  • Peder says:

    I think the building looks like some crates on top of eachother. Great consept, but awful construction in my opinion.

    It’s too chaotic

  • Jack Eckou says:

    anybody knows for sure which programs were used for this model? first ArchiCAD and than export in C4D for rendering & animations?


  • pocket says:

    A house in the future~

  • shaikh imrose says:

    good elevation

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