Time for Deep Reflection

Being in my 30s, I have finally settled on an image in my head of what I look like. I know this image does not precisely resemble how the world views me, and that’s ok. Aesthetically speaking, I never seemed to be on the same page with my self image as how others saw me. I either thought I looked better than I actually did or worse. I had to learn to let go of such narcissistic thoughts and focus on pursuits that satisfy me on more intellectual levels. Design, the visual arts, literature and love for others are much more gratifying pursuits than ego and societies fascination with celebrity. Then I ran into this wonderful mirror design called “Fiction” by Jean-Marie Massaud for Glas Italia. By creating the illusion of a fading image through degrading shaded silvering, the designer is reminding us all of the impermanence of life and self image, and how we are always evolving and changing. Oh well, so much for settling on a self image. Winner of the Interior Innovation Award at IMM Cologne 2008, Jean-Marie’s design is held in place by a chromium-plated metal cylinder and, not unlike the press’s attitude on Britney Spears, this mirror can either degrade your image up or down.

Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud [ Manufacturer: Glas Italia ] [ Via: Yatzer ]