Dinnertime just got ballsy…

Pool Table manufacturers are constantly having to find new ways to justify their huge expense and massive real-estate usage. They also need to compete for attention from the internet, Video On-Demand and social-centric video games like Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and pretty much anything on Nintendo’s Wii. Given these massive challenges, the Billiard Industry has looked to innovative design to save their ever shrinking markets. This “Fusion” pool table/dining room table was created by Aramith, long-time leading manufacturer in the billiard industry, the Fusion dining table innovates by adding multi-functionality as it combines a dining table, a pool table and a game table all in one. Multi-purpose functionality just might save the industry from going the way of the Dodo, or until Microsoft decides to add a billiards game to its “Surface” Table initiative.

Product Page: FusionTables


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