A Droplet of Light

The Drop Lamp combines Murano mastery and engineering in a suspended lamp that looks like a droplet of water frozen in space. The natural characteristics of Murano means no two lamps are identical, that is until you accidentally drop them. Then they all look the same – a million pieces of broken glass or “tears” because you just know this lamp is a budget buster if it ever goes into production.

Designer: ITlab Design Laboratory [ Manufacturer: Andromeda ]


  • john smith says:

    sexy…can they make these out of acrylic for cheap ppl?

  • dani says:

    looks very nice

  • ultima says:

    Muranos are renowned Venetian glass craftsmen who’ve built up their opus proportionally with fame as their genius thrived with centuries of forced isolation from the outer world amidst the fear of competition exploiting their cunning techniques.

    The ‘droplet’ sheds light on forgotten Guimard’s ‘plays with nature’ of Art Nouveau recalling a feng shui ambience in our contemporary tech-craving homes.

    Inital default placement of an decor lighting is – anyplace, as the drop ‘armour’ provides unrestrained motion of the bulb inside furthermore allowing interaction with design itself for the ‘hackers’ can decorate the insides throughout the bulb opening.

    …Surely, an abundant addition to floral enlightement of our homes.

  • very, very nice. would love to see them in person, hard to tell what the light quality would be like from this image.

  • aritoni says:

    I have had a set of Murano glass lighting but one of the drops was broken during the light operation!

  • These look gorgeous.

  • humansushi says:

    looks very beautiful. even the other ITlab stuff looks very nice

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