Design That Grows With You

One of the biggest concerns for new parents in making any new purchase is whether or not a product will grow with their child. From clothing, to shoes, and even furniture, true value comes from any product that can last as long as possible. Double points are earned with parents when a design can also have multiple uses. Designers Frank & Stanimira Rafaschieri have clearly addressed these concerns when conceiving their children’s furniture concepts dubbed “Evolutionary chair and Low hygiene table”. By creating a line that both grows and expands with a child and converts for multiple uses, they have successfully achieved the one two punch of industrial design.

Designer: Frank & Stanimira Rafaschieri

The evolutionary chair includes a rehaussor, a small chair and a low table. The components of the evolutionary chair combine and pile on top of each other in order to propose eight possible combinations that can be used in different context, including four different heights of the seat. The system of stacking makes it possible to easily adapt furniture to the various situations of domestic life according to the practical needs of the user. This group of furniture, which is easy to dissemble and assemble in one article of furniture, is intended for being used from the age of 6-8 months to 5-6 years of the child.

This long table, the height of which equals the height of a standard adult’s chair (45 cm) is intended to the baby’s/child’s hygiene. It will reduce the severity of a possible fall in the daily diaper changes of the child. It includes a component with a flat surface on the one side and upturned edges on the other side in the form of a mattress where hygiene activities are effected; a base on four feet specially designed to integrate the mattress and a seat making it possible for the adult to sit down to carry out the change.

The reversible mattress is fixed to the seat using clasps located in the two opposite ends of the internal vertical wall of the seat along the dividing line between the two components. Depending on the particular modes of manufacture, the hull of the changing platform is covered with compressed thermo foam with a finishing fabric layer and can vary from one model to another. The two components of the furniture lie in one surface with unchangeable height regardless of the changing platform position. The material used for the manufacture of the furniture is polypropylene injected.