63.02° of Separation

Japanese architects never cease to amaze me. They are constantly given the challenge of turning a very limited space into something functional and appealing at the same time. Wedged like a book on a bookshelf, this free standing house in Nakana, Tokyo is placed at an angle of exactly 63.02° from the access road. I am not sure of the significance (if any) of this particular number but anyway you look at it, this design clearly adds up. Sharp angels are everywhere on this one of a kind rentable home that seems to have carved a place in the neighborhood. I know that in certain social cases in Japanese culture, it is customary to literally turn one’s back on someone to represent shame. I can’t help wonder what the building on the left must have done to offend the 63.02° house by Schemata Architecture Office.

Architect: Schemata Architecture Office [ Via: Dezeen ]