Wow, they look like Beatles from way up here…

Liverpudlians (people from Liverpool, England) have stepped away from their industrial based origins and have more to be proud about than simply being the birthplace of the Beatles. So proud are they of their docks along the River Mersey, harbor and skyline, the city has commissioned the design of a public observatory. The Mersey Observatory will be a coastal beacon with panoramic views of the entire Liverpool Bay. London based; Phos Architects have designed this light house inspired concept that evokes visions of the Tower of Babel meets Second Life. The five design finalist are on display at 3 venues across Liverpool. The winning entry will be announced at the end of March and the building is due for completion in 2011 with an estimated cost of £11.65 million.

Architect: Phos Architects [ Via: Electro Plankton ]


  • Matthew Smith says:

    Great! Now you can watch people being mugged and assaulted from the comfort and relative safety of a nice shiny new building. Liverpool is a dump – No amount of fancy architecture’s going to change that.

    • Keith says:

      Fantastic Matthew Smith! A great review of Liverpool that’s obviously entirely based upon aged stereotypes and false reputations. Liverpool is a vibrant city that boasts some beautfiul architecture and a rich cultural history. The people there will always have a good laugh and treat you like their lifelong friend as soon as they meet you.

      I’m really happy to see the changes that are going on in Liverpool at the moment and I just hope that peoples opinions will change to match the reality of Liverpool. It’s a great opportunity and I think that it has one of the best skylines in the world. They should be proud and I hope this makes more people aware of the beauty that exists in Liverpool.

      • Claire says:

        I second Keith. Liverpool has really progressed over the last few years and is a wonderul city – Capital of Culture this year.

        Muggings and assaults and general bad behavious happen EVERYWHERE. I have lived in Liverpool for 21 years. and nothing has ver happened to me. Sinc e moving away 5 years ago, I have been assaulted twice in 2 other cities.

        The point is, Liverpool is a great place and really deserves all this development and investment.

    • Adam says:

      shame that someone on this site has to be so single minded and stupid.
      As for the beacon.
      Its a nice design and much better than any other designs that were proposed.

      I have lived in Liverpool for many years and have never been ‘Mugged’ or assaulted.
      I actually feel less safe when i am in London. But as Claire says every city is the same.

      The changes in Liverpool right now are mostly architechtural, and this year and next people will see the pay off of all the work that has been done.

  • Peter says:

    Matthew is quite correct, Liverpool is a complete DUMP. The people have a really terrible accent and look so damn scruffy and poor. A friend of mine was mugged by kids near Everton football ground wielding a stanley knife!! It is strange how scousers are always raving about their city but they all leave the place because it is a dismal place.

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