The New Hamburg Science Center and Aquarium Design

The Office for Metropolitan Art (OMA) has just revealed their final design for the New Hamburg Science Center and Aquarium. The structure, which will be 23000 meters square of space, will house a science centre, aquarium, theatre, offices, laboratories as well as commercial and retail facilities. The structural design consists of 10 interconnecting blocks that will form the shape of a ring. Not only is the design of the structure trying to encourage new structural forms, but also as being a leader in adapting new environmental technologies included in its’ construction.

Architect: OMA [ Via: Archinect ]


  • maelon says:

    This kind of architecture is completely ridiculous … i feel sorry for Rem that he is designing such a sh…t.
    It look to me like he has no more good ideas and is just looking for interesting shapes without any reference to the location where it will be build… (an “o” build out of containers?? oh come on.. !!)
    good architecture can only be build on the site for what it is designing for…
    and this “thing” cullb be build in every place in the world with the same unnecessary expressiveness like it stands for in hamburg…
    a less known architect would have designed a better and more innovative kind of architecture !!

    • blackwasabi says:

      i reckon a “ring” is innovative.. ive never seen one as yet… structurally challenging too…

    • blackwasabi says:

      i agree partially with ur comments but i guess he just has a different philosphy to others, that doesnt mean he is building things without any thoughts? or maybe its only becos rem is a superstar so everyone praises him..

  • daf says:

    Then what else would be innovative for a harbor/city setting then?

    • maelon says:

      ok – take the innovative aspect away and reduce it to the basic things…
      like mies always said “you cannot invent a new architekture every morning !”

      but you must agree that this “O” lookst very … constrained … at that place 🙂

  • Tyskkvinna says:

    I think that building is amazing! I can’t wait to see it when it is built – in fact, the next time I’m in Germany I’ll have to stop by Hamburg.

  • Archetype94306 says:

    Why doesn’t the US get cool architecture like this? Grrrrrr

  • Avin says:

    Whao ….. It’s breathtaking, stunning… would love to see the interiors … would be even better if they suspend a park with flowing water which falls into the harbor….

  • MINIX says:

    Wow.. this is a stroke of genius..

  • blackwasabi says:

    challenging indeed… i wonder how rem is gonna deal with the distribution of programs…

  • Lutz says:

    Help, women and mice leave the sinking ship first. Fed up with gimmick architecture. Holland looks already almost like a gameapark, if Hamburg starts the same frenziness of empty gimmicks – the cubic structure on the Rathausmarkt is already a crime but not of passion but idleness. Leave space to breathe, lo live and to think and not to überegos.

    et pourquoi personne öcrit en allemand et auf Deutsch sur ce blog?

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