Security in a Chair

Many times we have found ourselves in a restaurant, café, or even a public library without a secure place to hang our jackets or hand bags. We either uncomfortably hang our belongings on a public coat rack, or across the back of our chair for the world to see. With “Chair Wardrobe”, we can confidently place our belongings in a secure location and keep them within reach. The “Chair Wardrobe” is a design concept by Erohina Yulia that allows for the outside of the chair to appear as a normal chair, but the secret is the inside storage or wardrobe for your special items. The design is made of two different colored plastics signifying the double features of the chair. The choice to use different wood or textiles is also available.

Designer: Erohina Yulia


  • bill says:

    Unfortunately this only makes it easier for theft to occur. The coat can be removed in one swift motion that wont effect the seated person because the coat is within the chair out of contact with the owner.

    Having open sides leaves the bag ready to take, a space within the front of the chair would be much more secure, hiding the bag behind the legs.

  • M.O.D.O.K says:

    Nice idea. Design seems a bit like Karim Rashid though.

  • Reilaos says:

    Interesting idea, but anything that’s functional seems like it’s begging to be vandalized when left in public nowadays…

  • Toyotaboy says:

    great idea, but what are the odds of this catching on? especially with it looking so uncomfortable. I think the better idea is to make the items more secure, like having a lock that snaps over a leg of chair on your bag or coat.. easier to adapt to what is already there than trying to change something that exists.

  • Arsenal6 says:

    good idea i suppose maybe a few tweeks on the final product

  • Bokusatsu_Tenshi says:

    Not a bad idea… though the execution can be improved.
    Using wasted space is always interesting.

  • Ludwigk says:

    I like something like this in my house, but if I used one of these in a coffee shop, I would forget and leave my crap there all the time.

  • Yogibimbi says:

    nice idea. Maybe some of this can be improved, but definitely nice idea.

  • Boomersooner says:

    build in a carabiner type clip on the side instead. i guarantee it would hard to steal stuff from that without drawing attention.

  • Golkin says:

    Ерохина рулит!

  • kimhj says:

    it’s amazing ~!

  • Lua says:


  • Aziz says:

    you should add a cover,like a door,or somthing just so,it wont be easier to grab their coat or bag,like a latch,but still its a freaking awsome idea.

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