Are You Jealous Yet Linus?

Squareplay is a tactile, changeable playground for children and their parents. It is a didactic tool, an empirical item, and an object of entertainment, creation, recreation, and relaxation. (Not my words)

Essentially it’s a square blanket made up of two layers. There’s a sliphole for you to get in which deforms the surface into interesting peaks and valleys. Babies love peaks and valleys and once they’ve had their fill, just roll them up like a blankie.

The material is water proof, resists perspiration (if you’re baby is sweating, red flag), fast drying, stain resistant, soft, and super light. I bet Linus would LOVE this.

Designer: oLoOP Design


  • Barry says:

    This is cool product. How to get one??

  • MickBee says:

    Mmmm… looks like pastry. Pink and warm in the middle!

  • lissa says:

    I would have some definite safety concerns!

    • Christine says:

      Definitely. Being waterproof, this kind of material must not be very breatheable. A child could suffocate.

  • Brian says:

    Looks like the kid is having more fun with his mom than with the “toy”. I agree with MickBee – definitely not to be left alone with a toddler.

  • Jihoon Kim says:

    I’m sure my 3year old son would love it.

  • Q says:

    it does not feel safe for me. people will step on it when a child in it…and what if a child fell in sleep in it?

  • SlipperyWhenBrett says:

    Oh man, potential for the worst dutch oven ever

    • Linus says:

      Im Linus and i dont Love it…tho its a great idea in terms of interactiveness…SAFETY is A CONCERN

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